Rental Application

Application Process:

  1. Application filled out with ALL adults that will be in the property.
  2. Non-refundable application fee of $20 must be provided when application is turned in.
  3. Credit and Criminal History will be checked.
  4. One year lease.
  5. No Pets.
  6. All utilities are the tenant’s responsibility.
  7. Some units require the tenant to provide range and fridge, please inquire as to which.

Or fill out the form online and submit

Rental Application

  • Applicant Personal Information

  • Co-Applicant Personal Information

  • Bank Information

  • Personal References

  • Other Information

  • Other Information

  • Applicant hereby authorizes verification of any and all information set forth on this application, including release of information by any bank, savings and loan, employer (present and former), landlord, and/or other lender. All such information hereon, and released as authorized above, will be kept confidential. APPLICANT REPRESENTS THAT THE INFORMATION SET FORTH ON THIS APPLICATION IS TRUE AND COMPLETE. Material misrepresentation of this Application will constitute default under the lease or Rental Agreement between parties.

    APPLICATION FEE – Applicant has submitted the sum of $20.00 which is a non-refundable payment for a credit check and processing charge, receipt of which is acknowledge by Management. Such sum is not a rental payment or deposit amount. In the event this application is approved or disapproved, this sum will be retained by management to cover the cost of processing the application as furnished by the applicant. This Application must be signed before it can be processed by Management.